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Wedding Planner

Wedding planning can be daunting. The best advice, though, is for brides to be organized, keep lists, and take it one day at a time. Check items off our list as you complete them to ensure no details are forgotten:
10 to 12 Months Prior to the Wedding Date
  •  Buy a good planner or organizer
  •  Discuss style and budget with your fiancé and family 
  •  Interview wedding consultants 
  •  Select locations for ceremony and receptions 
  •  Choose caterer, baker, florist, photographer & entertainment
7 to 9 Months Prior to the Wedding Date
  •  Select attendants 
  •  Compile guest list 
  •  Contact and select clergy or justice of the peace
  •  Decide on two or three bridal registries and register for special items 
  •  Plan honeymoon 
  •  Choose menu, have tasting, sign contract with caterer
4 to 6 Months Prior
  •  Review details with all selected wedding professionals 
  •  Order formal wear 
  •  Finalize music selection 
  •  Finalize rehearsal dinner plans
2 to 3 Months Prior
  •  Order rings 
  •  Finalize all arrangements 
  •  Shop for clothes and wedding/attendant gifts 
  •  Order limousine 
  •  Purchase invitations and stationery for notes
4 to 8 Weeks Prior
  •  Mail invitations 
  •  Write thank-you notes 
  •  Contact all vendors to confirm arrangements 
  •  Get marriage license 
  •  Prepare all necessary forms for name change 
  •  Spend some relaxing time with friends and family
1 Week Prior
  •  Make list of all vendors with phone numbers and arrival times 
  •  Reconfirm honeymoon and pack for trip - don't forget your plane tickets and passport!
  •  Give final guest count to caterer 
  •  Remind wedding party of their roles 
  •  Contact guests who have not responded 
  •  Compile written schedule of wedding day for caterer
On the Wedding Day
  • Congratulations! All your planning is behind you. Take a deep breath and have a wonderful day!